Gallery and History

It all started in 1998 when we purchased the farmhouse for the site. It was the ideal location for turning our dream of a bird breeding project into a reality. We brought the old barn back to life by fitting it out to accommodate our first pheasant and Muscovy duck breeding operations. We later added small mallard ducks, bobwhite quail and then partridge. By 2002, demand had become so strong that we went ahead with the creation of La Ferme du Platon inc. After that, we built an outdoor aviary to house the hunting birds. Also that year, we set up a hatchery in  conformity with federal inspection standards. This initiative assured us of the quality control that would allow us to sell our products all over the world.

Once we obtained this certification, we turned to the production of Mule ducks. This was a sizeable challenge. In 2006, we went to France to undergo training on the breed, which we received from Grimaud frères and Insémia. Upon our return, we set up our breeding operations and then built a specialized building to permit for expansion. Over time, and as demand grew, we acquired several other buildings. We increased our production of Muscovy ducks considerably, and also added geese. We are now proud to offer a selection of high quality ducks and geese to all foie gras producers.

This dream that became our reality is now a family affair. Our greatest source of pride is seeing the new generation getting involved! However diversified our production may become, our philosophy remains the same: to offer high quality products and service.

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